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JuakaliSmart is an online marketplace for affordable, long lasting and customisable products and services; mainly wood and metal products. We help you find the product you are looking for faster and safely. You can choose to buy items directly from the sellers or through the platform. The option to buy through the platform is available only for certain products. We also provide delivery services for items bought through the platform through a partnership with a third-party logistics firm. We also give you an opportunity to upload a picture, video or PDF document of your design and we’ll find the best workshop to make it close to you, make it and deliver it to you. We receive payment for items bought through the platform and transfer it to the seller only when the product has been made to satisfaction and delivered. For products to be made on site or fixed at home, we have Service Providers for you. We show you projects they have handled in the past to help you find the best person for your job at the best price. We champion for local manufacturing (juakali). By promoting collaboration and specialization among local manufacturers, we believe we will be able to make the best quality products and continue offering the most competitive prices all for the benefit of the consumer.