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Why we chose Sendy as our logistics partner.

This is a strategic decision to help us serve you better.

Sendy is a leading logistics firm in Kenya with a tested and proven track record of timely delivery, adherence to safety and excellent customer service. While Sendy handles the logistics for us, we are able to spend more time doing what we do best, which is facilitating the fabrication of your products for the best workmanship, regular updates and timely delivery. We are able to spend more time recruiting the best workshops and service providers so that we can deliver on our promise of affordability, quality and customization. We are also able to achieve our purpose of promoting local manufacturing, modernizing juakali and to improving living standards.

  • Sendy makes delivery simple and transparent.
  • Products delivered by Sendy are insured and details are displayed below as provided by them
  • They can deliver any size product anywhere in the country with thousands of motorcycles, pickups, vans, and trucks of all sizes.
  • We are also able to track the driver throughout the entire order.


In case your product is damaged during transit. Get in touch with us immediately and we will do the following on your behalf.

The section below has been adopted from Sendy regarding goods damaged during transit.

My parcel was lost or damaged

As Sendy, our goal is to have your goods/parcels delivered successfully and intact. In a case where your parcel/good is lost/damaged while in transit, below are the steps to take:

1. Report the Claim

Notify Sendy Immediately! Please report the issue using our available communication channels, i.e. phone, Web chats, email or social media. You can include an invoice or a receipt of the value of the lost item. Pictures of the damaged package will also be helpful in resolving the matter.

2. Inspection of the Claim

We will review the issue to determine whether the goods were damaged/lost while in transit or they were damaged/lost after the delivery.

3. Authorization of the Claim

If we have determined they were damaged/lost after the delivery, then we will notify you via email of the same.

If we have determined they were damaged/lost while in transit, then we will begin the claim process. We will send you a claim form to fill.

4. Pursuing the Claim

Since your delivery was insured, we will claim it using our insurance provider. This process takes anywhere upwards of 72 hours and we will keep you informed about the progress of your claim.

5. Payment of the Claim

Once we get it resolved, we will send you the amount equivalent to the value of the lost or damaged goods/parcel less 10% Excess fees usually charged by the Insurance as claim processing fees.

The excess is standard as shown below;

- 10% of every loss; minimum claim Kes 50,000/-

Van/pick up - 10% of every loss; minimum claim Kes10,000/-

Bikes 10% of every loss and Minimum claim Kes 500/-

NOTE: Motorcycle insurance is up to KES 300,000 while vehicle insurance is up to KES 10,000,000